Updates on Inarawan Outreach

Here are some updates about our outreach in Inarawan, Antipolo City.

Because of the lockdown that started since last year 2020, meeting as a large group is not possible. As an alternative, the people in Inarawan are meeting in small groups, usually at the terrace of one of our leaders in the community. As a result, they have formed a few house churches, where some families have opened their homes to be able to meet weekly. It is very encouraging, despite the time of pandemic that the people have seen the importance of encouraging one another, studying the Bible, and praying together during these hard times. They have never given up, and their faith have become stronger with the challenges that they are experiencing; financial difficulties, emotional problems, etc.

Last December 2020, we were able to give Christmas packages to some families. In January 2021, we have started to have a little bit more people joining the house churches, and continued meeting regularly. This was also the time when we started, the “Garden Project,” when the people have expressed their desire to grow their own vegetables in their small gardens, due to the increasing prices of food supplies during this pandemic, and to have their own supply in their homes. With much patience and perseverance, there are some families who have successfully grown some vegetables that they could already harvest, and cook for their families.

Right now, our weekly meetings are temporarily stopped because of a stricter level of lockdown that was imposed at the end of March, because of the rising Covid cases in Metro Manila and surrounding areas. We are continually communicating with them with regards to their needs, and let us pray that the lockdown would be eased down, and that Covid cases will soon come down. Let us pray that the people would continually have access to jobs, and that the young people would be able to persevere in doing modular & online learning in their homes.

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