New Ministry Area at Josenia, Antipolo City

We have a new area located at Josenia Street, Antipolo City. It was a ministry that was started by a local church, and we visited them again during the time of pandemic last November 2020.

It is an area with about 50-60 families. Our contact persons in the area, named Carlito and Larry, introduced us to a group of young people who are interested in dancing and singing, and they even have a youth group where they practice a lot, and use their talents to achieve their dreams. It is their desire that the young people and the small children in the area would be instilled with Christian values of love, respect, serving others, etc. through bibles studies, and other free time activities to be able to develop their talents more.

We have started to meet the young people weekly with the observance of the necessary protocols and regulations during this time of pandemic.

Last December 2020, we distributed Christmas packages for the families in the area.

Currently, we are building a “youth center,” to be  more effective in reaching out to the young people. We started the construction last February 2021, and it is still on-going. The place will be used for simple gatherings, workshops, and trainings for the youth. They can learn about musical instruments, practice dancing, just a place to hang out and spend time with others. During this time of pandemic, there will only be a limited number of people who can use the place at a time. Hopefully, when the restrictions are eased down, then we can accommodate more people.

Please support us in the building and completion of our “youth center”!

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