Uplifting Communities to be a Better Place

We had a community pantry at Josenia, Antipolo City last Thursday (May 13). We were grateful for the volunteers from the community who helped in re-packing the goods that were distributed. We were able to give to about 50 families in the area. Thank you for all the donations that made it possible for us to buy rice, instant noodles, milk, coffee, mung beans, eggs, bread, and fresh vegetables!

Due to the pandemic and the lockdown that still continues, many people are feeling depressed and millions of people have lost their jobs according to government reports. The principle behind the community pantry is “give what you can and take only what you need,” and it brought hope and encouragement to people. It is connected to our Christian values of helping one another and sharing our resources.

One person said, “the pandemic is tough for some of us but it is even worse for most,” that is why it has inspired many to start community pantries in different areas in the country. The community pantries are empowering struggling Filipinos, and uplifting communities to be a better place. It is during these times of uncertainties that we should demonstrate humanity, hospitality, and show that we are here for one another.

Thank you for your support, and we are continually raising funds for our community pantry that is scheduled to be done in another area next week.


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