Children and Family Ministry

The vision that God has put in our hearts is to share the Gospel to the children and be able to instill to them Christian values.

It is our desire to see children growing as responsible citizens who have a positive impact in their community.
It is the right of every child to have access to basic services and needs like food, water, education, healthcare, etc. This entails that the holistic development of the child would be of great importance and these includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person.

It is our desire that children would grow up with loving and God-fearing Christian families. Our mission is to be able to provide opportunities for the children and families to grow in their Christian faith. As we get to know the struggles and challenges in the community, it is our mission to give assistance to the children through after-school activities like tutorials and values education, and to be able to help families to earn a living so they would be able to provide and raise their families through livelihood programs, vocational courses, etc.

We would like to reflect the light of Christ to the children and families in local communities. We would like to be engaged in the community, to build relationships, to be able to radiate God’s glory and share God’s blessings to the community, which would eventually create an impact to wherever they are called.

Children develop and learn best in the context of a community where they are safe and valued, their physical needs are met, and they feel secure (King-Santos 2018). One of our goals is to train up a child, to guide both words and deeds, hand in hand with the children’s parents (MMP 2018). Moreover, it was good to learn that empathy, compassion, and respect are at the very center of discipline. It is good to relate well with the children, build relationships, and be able to understand their perspective.

Therefore, this involves both the children and family ministries, wherein it is a lifestyle to impress to children about the Word of God (Deut. 6:7), and in training up a child in the way he should go (Prov. 22:6). We believe that if the church would respond to its calling then it would disciple and minister to families, and training children to be Christ-like, and using every opportunity to minister to children as young as they are.