Welcome to Hillside Sanctuary!

(Calawis, Antipolo City)

Farm, Retreat, Trainings, Hiking, Camping

  • a place of rest & refuge
  • a place of prayer & worship
  • a place to enjoy and experience the beauty of God’s creation
  • a place to have fun & laugh with family and friends

Please send us a message thru Messenger https://www.facebook.com/smallstepsc, or email us at smallstepsc@gmail.com.

Together We Can

Small steps for change


We are an international and interdenominational Christian organization with the aim to work with local communities in the areas of outreach, education, livelihood programs, and other social services.


To see Christ-centered communities working for a just and humane society, where people experience transformation in different areas of life from the spiritual, physical, social and economic.

It is our desire to see children growing as responsible citizens who have a positive impact in their community.

It is our desire that our mission and vision would be realized when the people and the community will experience a holistic transformation which includes their economic needs.

It is our desire that young people would be able to see their Christian faith that is relevant and that would bring change in their lives and communities for the better.

In local community context, it is important that the approach in church planting strategy is holistic to bring transformation in the lives of the people. Discipleship should deal with the social, the economic, and the spiritual aspects of their lives.

Living a Life with Purpose - Youth Camp

We had a youth camp last April, and it was a time of building relationships, meeting new friends, and growing in their relationship with God. During the pandemic and lockdowns, the young people had difficulties with adjusting to online and modular learning. There were a lot of things to do in school, they were mostly restricted to be at home, and at the same time they were not able to meet their friends face to face for many months, or even years.

During the youth camp, it was a time for them to rest and relax. They were able to meet new friends face to face, and had fun times with them through hiking, swimming, and just hanging out with one another!

Hiking and Pilgrimage at Hillside Sanctuary

We had undergone a training from Lars (who is a part of Pilgrim’s Center in Sweden) about “pilgrimage” which is about listening to God and prayer with basic principles of simplicity, calmness, sharing, and appreciation of God’s creation. It is important to cultivate a spirit of self-reflection, openness, and attention. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey that touches the heart and soul. The objective of a pilgrimage experience is not just rest and relaxation, but rather spiritual growth.

You are welcome to visit us at Hillside Sanctuary, to experience this pilgrimage together with your family and friends!