Together We Can

Small steps for change

About Us


We are an international and interdenominational Christian organization with the aim to work with local communities in the areas of outreach, education, livelihood programs, and other social services.


To see Christ-centered communities working for a just and humane society, where people experience transformation in different areas of life from the spiritual, physical, social and economic.

our mission is integral

With all the realities that we are facing in our society, and with all the inequalities, we believe that transformation means addressing the holistic needs of every person and every community. As Christians, we cannot just pretend that we are not seeing the poverty around us, and continue to live our lives by ignoring the oppression in our society. Our mission is integral, that as we are engaging with evangelism, we are also prepared to address the needs that we are encountering, and to take social action. Indeed, we can be agents of transformation that looks into the physical, emotional, social, political, and spiritual dimensions of life. In our mission and ministry, we cannot just close our eyes with the needs of the marginalized, but we should also be aware of our own lifestyle, that we are living in solidarity with those who are experiencing poverty. As Christians, we should be a light in this world!

Core Values


— Jesus-Centered

  • We follow the examples of Christ, and serve him by being a good steward in wherever he leads us in bringing holistic transformation.
  • As Christians, we should be a light in this this world, wherein we testify our faith in Jesus Christ that gives freedom in all aspects of life.

— Stewardship

  • We give and offer our time, talents, and treasure in serving the Lord, wherever He has called us.

— Relationships

  • Our relationships are based on the greatest commandment of loving God, and loving one’s neighbor.
  • We work together and are committed to achieve our mission and vision, with the Lord’s help and guidance.

— Empowerment

  • We want to see the people being empowered as they experience God’s plan for a just, humane, and a caring society.
  • We value people, and care for them.
  • Through the bottom-up approach; we listen to the people, treat them with respect, uplift their dignity, which gives way to a more sustainable endeavor.