Hillside Sanctuary Updates

February 2022

Inarawan Prayer & Fasting

Daniel 9:3

“Then I turned my face to the Lord God, seeking him by prayer and pleas for mercy with fasting…”

Oh Lord, hear our prayers! We seek you, give us wisdom and discernment with the things that are going on in our society. We repent from our selfish ways. May you continue to use us to be a blessing to others, and help those who are in need. These are our hearts desire as we had prayer and fasting time at Hillside Sanctuary. We had a time to study the Word of God, and praise Him with worship songs. Then we started our pilgrimage to the waterfalls. It was a time of stillness when we listened to the Lord, away from the noise from the city, with the beauty and calmness of nature. It was a refreshing time for us and reminded us to continually listen to the Lord, and pray continually!

December 2021

Inarawan Outreach Christmas Celebration

Last December, we thank the Lord for the wonderful Christmas celebration at Hillside Sanctuary (Farm and Retreat Place). We had our lunch at the river which was an exciting experience. We were able to hear about the Christmas message, and the people sang Christmas carols joyfully! It was a day full of fun, with swimming and games especially for the children and young people. After that, we gave out Christmas packages to the families.

Kamandag Outreach Christmas Celebration

Our partner church, Faith Christian Fellowship, also celebrated their Christmas celebration with one of their outreaches from Kamandag, Antipolo. There were about 70 people who visited our place, and they had a wonderful time with picnic and swimming! It was a blessed time to be together, especially to hear God’s Word, have fellowship with one another, and experience nature which is indeed God’s beautiful creation!

Thank you for your prayers and support! 

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