Art Workshop in our New Outreach in Pagrai and Giving of Donations

Last December, Ben and Leslie from Seeds4Change organization conducted an art workshop for our new outreach in Pagrai, Antipolo. Our ministry in the area was started by one of our volunteers Albino Ancheta, together with two other contact persons who have the heart to reach out to the children in the area who are already roaming along the streets and getting negative influences like gambling and disruptive behavior.

We believe that we should see the potential in every child so that in the future they would be a positive impact in the society! The children should be given a safe place where they can be productive, creative and discover their talents to reach their full potential.  During the time of pandemic and lockdowns, we had observed that it has caused stress, fear, anxiety, and frustration towards the children. In addition, many had experienced ridicule, blame, and discouragements from their families or community at some time, therefore we need to listen and acknowledge the feelings of the children.

According to Ben and Leslie, the art workshop was a way for the children to express what is in their hearts, and giving them art materials will encourage them to keep expressing their emotions through drawing. They wanted to give them not only materials but also skills to cope up with difficult situations. The children also received Bibles, wherein they would have the Word of God with them to read and be a source of encouragement. Songs were also taught to the children, where God’s Word would come alive through tunes and actions.

It was indeed a wonderful and fun day with the children! They had also received Jollibee meals, and gift packages for their families! The children had felt love and that they are important!

Our ministry in Pagrai continues weekly, and recently this February we had another time for gift giving. There were about 30 families who had received clothes, bags, shoes, and toys from donations that we have received in Philippines and from Australia! Thank you once again for your partnership in reaching out to communities!

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