Year in Review 2023

Here are the highlights from August to November 2023!

School Supplies for Inarawan Children’s Ministry

Last August, we gave out school supplies for the children who are part of our Children’s Ministry in Inarawan. This coming new year we will give out student allowances to about 10-12 children to help them in their school projects, transportation, and meals. We praise the Lord on how they are growing in their relationship with God!



Dawn Harvest Youth Camp

The youth from Dawn Harvest Padilla were able to conduct their Youth Camp at Hillside Sanctuary (Calawis, Antipolo City). They had their team building activities, and bible study. They had fun getting to know one another and building relationships by being in nature, and swimming in the nearby stream!



Mission Day in Sweden

We praise the Lord for the Mission Day in Sweden where we had fund-raising activities like selling second hand things, fair trade products from the Philippines, and souvenirs from Small Steps for Change. We had a nice time of fellowship with one another and updates about the different areas, ministries, and projects of the organization. We are thankful for everyone who participated, and for everyone who are partnering with the organization! All glory to God!



Children’s Ministry Presentation at Agape Universal Church

It was a joyful time for the children and their families from our ministry to be invited at Agape Universal Church. They did a song and dance presentation and offered their talents to the Lord! We look forward to partner with different churches in reaching out to different communities in Antipolo, and nearby areas.



New Area in Imelda, Antipolo City

We praise the Lord for our new area in Imelda, Antipolo City. We thank the Lord for our local leaders in Inarawan who took the initiative to start this ministry and reach out to the children in the nearby area. The good thing is that our young people are now developing to become leaders, and are being involved in this ministry to share their faith to others, and get to know the hope that they have in Christ!



Inarawan Family Ministry and Agape Church – Joint Youth Camp

It was a wonderful time to get to know the youth from Agape Church, and that we can have a youth camp together. We were able to discuss and share about the challenges of this generation, and how we can be strong in our faith, and continue to be a good testimony to others. We had fun activities together like hiking, bonfire, swimming, and food fellowship!



Inarawan Family Ministry 5th Anniversary

Truly, we praise and thank the Lord for His faithfulness in our ministry and the house church that we have in Inarawan. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The theme of the anniversary is “Diyos Ka sa Amin,” it means that the Lord had been faithful in the lives of the people, and they had seen God moving in their lives in different areas. We had testimonies, children’s and youth presentations, praise and worship time, hearing the Word of God, and fellowship with one another!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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