May to July Updates 2023

Children’s Ministry – Inarawan and Pagrai

We are thankful for our Children’s Ministry in Inarawan every Saturday morning, and our outreach in Pagrai. The children are growing in their faith, and we are sharing to them the Gospel through songs, Bible stories, arts and crafts. Let us continue to pray that they will testify their Christian values to their families and neighbors. This school year we are also planning to support selected children for student allowance, to help them with their school materials, transportation, and meals.


Youth Ministry

Our young people are regularly meeting every Sundays, and they are also part of our Leadership and Discipleship Program. It is our desire that they would see their Christian faith relevant in their lives, and that they can be future leaders in their community. We have currently 7 Junior High School students who are part of our student assistance program. Please pray that they will be able to focus on their studies, and continue to have passion in their faith in Christ.


Inarawan House Church

We are so encouraged with the families attending our house church, they are meeting regularly every week. They are excited to study the Word of God, to worship the Lord, and to serve the Lord in different ways in their community. We have visitations and continuously praying for one another for encouragement.


Daily Vacation Bible School – Inarawan

Last July, we had a 2-day Daily Vacation Bible School, when the children had their school break. We thank the Lord for our volunteers, and even our young people who helped with the preparations, and helped in teaching the small children. The children had a meaningful time as they had built relationships with one another, and were able to do fun-filled activities!


Youth Camp at Hillside Sanctuary

We thank the Lord for our regular youth camps at Hillside Sanctuary. We had one last July when the young people had their school break. They enjoyed having fellowships with one another. They had fun hiking, and swimming together in nature. Please pray for our regular family and youth camps, we will be having an overnight youth camp this October.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support!

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