The Smiles on the Young People’s Faces

Our students who are a part of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), are undergoing blended learning during this time of pandemic. Before, we just had face-to-face classes, but now we are discovering ways on how to reach out to them more, by tapping the different resources we have.

Right now, we have a group chat, a Facebook group, online platforms, distribution of printed workbooks, and short meetings and updates with a limited number of students. It seems that it is working out fine!

Above all, aside from meeting their requirements, what amazed me during this meeting are the smiles on the young people’s faces that they have missed the interactions just like before. They played guitar together, had a simple snack together, and catched up with one another. We studied the Bible together, and encouraged one another to continually hope to achieve our dreams and God’s plan for our lives.

Project: Out-of-School Youth Education

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