Bags of Rice for Families

According to the recent survey in the Philippines, there were about 7.6 million Filipino families who went hungry amid the COVID-19 crisis. People who lived in the slums are struggling so much especially in the lengthiest lockdown. “Hungry and hopeless” were the words that described the families with their struggles during this time of pandemic.

It is sad to hear about this news, especially knowing that many are not just suffering physically with hunger, but the people are losing their hope, and many are emotionally down. Therefore we are continually in contact with the families in our community, and getting updates on how they are coping up with their difficult situation. This time, we visited them and gave out bags of rice to about 50-60 families.

Whenever we visit them, we take the opportunity to counsel, encourage them, and to uplift their spirits by sharing them the hope that we have in God.




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