The Garden Project

In the beginning of the lockdown, there were many people who lost jobs, and the prices of food supplies became higher. The people were struggling on how to get food, at the same time there were so many restrictions and challenges in going to the market place because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In one of our local outreaches in Antipolo, called Sitio Kamandag, the local church that we are partnering with initiated a “Garden Project.” The purpose of the project is to encourage and inform the local community to grow their own vegetables around their homes, to be able to provide food for their families. It is also a way to be a blessing in the community to show how everyone is helping each other in difficult times, and sharing their resources.

We also had a worship service, where we heard about the stories of the people of how the Lord had provided for them, and how they have experienced His faithfulness to their families! We prayed and studied the bible together, to uplift their spirits in these trying times!

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