Opportunity to Gather about 100 Construction Workers

The construction industry had been affected much during the Covid-19 pandemic, because of the restrictions of the lockdown in the Philippines. There were construction workers who were not able to travel back to their homes, and were stuck in their places of work with little or no food supplies. There was a family who helped them from the local church that we are partnering with.

As the lockdown is easing down, and as the construction industry is recovering, there are now more workers that can come to their work and are being provided with jobs, like in Antipolo.

We took the opportunity to gather about 100 construction workers in a construction site in Barangay Inarawan. We shared the message of God’s love and the hope that we have in Jesus. The Lord is our refuge, our protector, and our provider in times of crisis, that would give us the strength to carry on.

We gave out Bibles, and distributed food for everyone!

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