Responding to the Needs of the Community

We were able to give grocery bags to the families in Inarawan, plus 2 other nearby areas. We were able to give rice, canned goods, mung beans (monggo), and noodles. We also gave out to the families of the frontliner barangay officials in the area.

We have also started to encourage our Alternative Learning System (ALS) students to do online learning during this Covid-19 time, and we gave them their log-in (account) details. Though, it is a challenge for many of our students because they do not have budget to buy mobile data, they do not have computers, and their cellphones are older versions. There were only a few students who can access the internet. As an option, we distributed print-out materials as their reviewer. This time, we have given them their ALS Reviewer – Module 1.

Let us pray for the young people because they do not have much motivation to study during this time of pandemic. They need much encouragement and motivation to pursue their studies, and we are continually giving them moral support and guidance.

We are responding to the needs of the community especially to encourage the children and young people (ages 0-20 years old), who cannot go out because of the lock-down. We are finding ways to uplift them and we are ready assist them in their education, during this temporary situation and uncertainties we are in right now because of Covid-19.

Thank you for your support, and for the volunteers who helped in re-packing and distribution.😀

Project: Covid-19 Food Aid and Out-of-School Youth Education

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