Ministry Updates in Calawis, Antipolo

Family Prayer Camps

We have had two prayer group sessions and trainings in Hillside Sanctuary (farm and retreat place). The purpose is to build up Christian families especially helping young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus, discover their calling, and to equip them in serving the Lord. Participants were able to experience nature through hiking, appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, and to listen to the voice of God through prayer and reflection. We had praise and worship times, bible studies, and wonderful times of fellowship with one another. As part of the experience, they were able to taste local food with ingredients that were naturally grown in the farm. It was indeed a refreshing and uplifting time with the families to be able to experience the presence of God, and to give Him glory!

Clothes Distribution

Hillside Sanctuary is located in Calawis, Antipolo City. As part of our mission, we would like to be engaged in the community, to build relationships, to be able to radiate God’s glory and share God’s blessings to the community. Our mission is integral, that as we are engaging with evangelism, we are also prepared to address the needs that we are encountering. We would like to reflect the light of Christ to the children and families in local communities.

Last June, we had an opportunity to reach out to a small community in the nearby area. We took the step to get to know them, shared the Gospel, and had fellowship. They were encouraged to hear about the Word of God, which gave them hope in the current situations that they were facing. We also distributed clothes for them including shoes, bags, etc. Thank you so much for our donors, for bringing smiles on their faces!

Youth Fellowship with a local church “Jesus Our Life and Love Church”

We also had a youth group in the area who used our venue in Hillside Sanctuary as place for their youth special event. We thank the Lord that in many ways, we are a blessing to the community in Calawis together with the families, children, and young people. Once again, thank you for your prayers and support!

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