Living a Life with Purpose – Youth Camp

We had a youth camp last April, and it was a time of building relationships, meeting new friends, and growing in their relationship with God. During the pandemic and lockdowns, the young people had difficulties with adjusting to online and modular learning. There were a lot of things to do in school, they were mostly restricted to be at home, and at the same time they were not able to meet their friends face to face for many months, or even years.

During the youth camp, it was a time for them to rest and relax. They were able to meet new friends face to face, and had fun times with them through hiking, swimming, and just hanging out with one another!

The main message that they learned was about “living a life with purpose.” They had a time to reflect and examine the current situation in their lives, and give to the Lord their burdens and struggles. They were able to hear about the Good News about Jesus Christ, and had the opportunity to commit their lives to the Lord. There were two young people who were also baptized during the camp. The young people were refreshed and they were willing to continue their passion in pursuing their dreams, reach their goals, and to continually worship the Lord!

Thank you for your support and partnership in making a difference in the young people’s lives!

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