Hiking and Pilgrimage at Hillside Sanctuary

It was an exciting experience for Lars and Britt, who are from Sweden, to experience hiking in the jungles of the Philippines. It was interesting to see rock formations, walk through flowing spring water, hear local birds, and see different local fruit trees, plants, and flowers. In Hillside Sanctuary Farm and Retreat (Calawis, Antipolo City), they were able to see bamboo houses as part of our sustainability of using environment-friendly and locally available materials. They were also able to see and give suggestions about our initial project of planting vegetables and herbs using natural and organic farming techniques.

In addition, we had undergone a training from Lars about “pilgrimage” which is about listening to God and prayer with basic principles of simplicity, calmness, sharing, and appreciation of God’s creation. It is important to cultivate a spirit of self-reflection, openness, and attention. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey that touches the heart and soul. The objective of a pilgrimage experience is not just rest and relaxation, but rather spiritual growth. It often begins with questions: What is my purpose in life? What do I need to hear? What do I need to heal my wounds? The pilgrimage experience involves being in nature and walking in hiking trails which can soothe our soul and open our hearts. It is a journey with a purpose, and that purpose is to honor God.

It was indeed a relaxing time to be in nature, having fellowship with one another, and deepening our relationship with God. You are welcome to visit us in Hillside Sanctuary, and experience the adventure in the nature, and at the same time be refreshed! You are welcome to join us in our regular pilgrimage tours! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you to all our partners, and the support you are giving in many ways!

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