First Wave of Typhoon Relief

We are grateful for all your donations!

We had our first wave of relief operations in Kabayani Road, Nangka, Marikina City. We distributed to about 75 families.

We gave out grocery packages with rice, coffee, laundry soap, canned goods, noodles, oatmeal drink, etc. We also gave out kitchen utensils, vitamins, old clothes. And even some toys for the children to cheer them up.

We talked with our contact person in the area, and he said that their first floor was completely flooded. They even have to throw their one child in the water and hold on to the rope to be able to reach across the other house for safety. Two families, who are their relatives, are now temporary living with them because their houses were completely washed out. We can feel the sadness of the loss that they have experienced. In our own little way, it was wonderful to be able to help out and encourage them to recover and start all over again!   

We hope to return to this place, and be able to start some projects to continually help them in their recovery.

Thank you for all the donors, and for everyone who volunteered and helped in different ways! Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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