Second Wave of Typhoon Relief

One of our Alternative Learning System (ALS) students had the burden to help the victims of Typhoon Ulysses (International name: Vamco), especially those who were affected the most in Marikina. She took the initiative to find an area to help, and we found an area in Tumana, Marikina. During the typhoon, the residents were seen climbing roofs as flood waters reached the second floor of their houses. Floodwaters had submerged the first floor of their houses, and some residents needed air rescue on their rooftops due to high floodwater.


Thank you for your partnership in making this relief operation possible! Thank you for all your donations! Thank you for all the volunteers who helped in packing and distribution!

We were able to give out packages to an area with about 60 families. We gave out food packages with rice, noodles, canned goods, toiletries, etc. Kitchen utensils, blankets, pillows, old clothes, shoes were also included in the packages. We also distributed some toys to the children.

The contact person in charge of the area, was so touched, and she said that, “it was their first time to receive relief goods!” After the typhoon their areas was full of mud and rubbish, and it was difficult to access their place. The families were so grateful that we came to their place, and gave them help. We prayed for them, and encouraged them to continually rise up after the floods.

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