Updates for January to March 2024

Hillside Sanctuary Farm and Retreat Place

We are so happy for the visit of Niklas, Lars, and Britt from Sweden! You are welcome to visit us, and get to see and experience the ministry that we do. We were able to hike together, and to taste the local produce from our very own farm. They were able to taste the coconut fruit, and were able to harvest some vegetables for the season like cucumber, chilies, tomatoes and eggplants! It was a relaxing and fun time to enjoy the nature!


Our New Ministry Center in Inarawan

We thank the Lord for our new ministry center in Inarawan! We prayed and dedicated the place to the Lord last January, and we are using the center for our free-time activities for the children, and young people. We have tutorials, play-time activities, bible studies, prayer meetings, etc. in our new place. We also have a small library where children can enjoy reading! Thank you for the book donations, and for all our supporters!

During the visit of Lars and Britt, they were able to conduct a story-telling session and a worship service for our house church. The children and the youth prepared a song and dance presentation. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with the families!


Youth and Sports Ministry

As part of our Youth Leadership and Discipleship Program, we are encouraging a balanced lifestyle for our youth where they are able to have meaningful activities that would help develop their character of discipline, teamwork, and building relationships with one another. We have a regular basketball sports fellowship in partnership with Agape Universal Church and Bukang Liwayway Padilla, as a way for us to network with other churches and organizations in the area.

Imelda Outreach

We are continually doing regular visits and prayer walks in our outreach area in Purok Imelda, Barangay Dela Paz. We have a weekly children’s ministry where we gather the children in the area and have a time for Bible stories, songs, and games. Let us continue to pray for the community!

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