January to March 2023 Updates

House Church, Prayer Groups

We thank the Lord that we have regular house church meetings and prayer groups that are happening weekly during the weekends. It is a joy to see how the people are growing in their faith as they study the Bible and enjoy having fellowship with one another.


Children’s Ministry

It is a joy that our local leaders from the community are continually taking the initiative to have a children’s ministry every week. It is a way for the children to learn about the Bible, and have meaningful activities through songs, dance, arts, and crafts. The children are so excited every week, and they are inviting their friends and neighbors to join this fun activity!


Clothes Distribution and Feeding Ministry

Last January, we had a feeding ministry and distributed basic necessities and clothes to different families in Barangay Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City together with Hands of God Charity Works and Evangelical Methodist Church in the Philippine Islands. The families were so thankful with what they have received! Please pray that we will continue to build relationship with the families in the area in order to have a sustainable project for community development.


Savings Group

The families in the community have expressed their desire to re-start again our savings group program. It has been difficult for the families to enter the formal banking system to open a bank account because they lack the necessary requirements together with their unstable income. The savings group is a way for them to save money to start a small business, and to prepare for their future needs. The program helps them understand the importance of saving money, budgeting their monthly expenses, and planning for their economy.


Student Allowance Program, Youth Discipleship and Leadership Program

In the beginning of this year, we have started to support six Junior High School students by giving them a monthly allowance to help in their school materials, transportation, and food allowance. We are also continually supporting one Senior High School student with the school tuition fee. Please continue to pray for our scholars that they will be able to do their best to finish their education. Our scholars are also a part of our Discipleship and Leadership Program, that would help them grow in their relationship with Jesus, and equip them as future leaders in creating a positive impact in their communities!

Thank you once again for your prayers and support!

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