Family Day at Hillside Sanctuary, Calawis, Antipolo!

One of the best ways to battle the pandemic and the long lockdowns is to take care of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Last September, we had a family day with some of the families from our house church in Inarawan. We did nature hiking which was a good exercise to strengthen the immune system, and as a way to feel better where we can experience the beauty of God’s creation!

Many of the old people, youth, and children who came with us had already been experiencing fear and anxiety of being in lockdown for many months, and most of them had never been out of their homes, or community because of the restrictions. It was a joy to see the smiles and laughter on their faces just to be out in nature and interact with others!

We had a worship time, and we learned to continually rejoice in hope, to be patient amidst the uncertainties, and to pray unceasingly (Romans 12:2). Despite the fear that had been roaming around during the pandemic, we had learned to trust in the Lord and to find safety in Him (Proverbs 29:25). Indeed, we should trust in the Lord, that He is our helper and our shield (Psalm 115:11)!

It was a fruitful day, we had baptism, food time together, and had a fun time swimming in the river! It was an unforgettable event for most of them!

Thank you for your partnership!

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