Encouragement During These Hard Times

It has been a productive short meeting and updates with some of our ALS (Alternative Learning System) students. We encouraged them to continually study during the pandemic time even though it is difficult. It has been a struggle for them to study because they need to find other ways to earn a living, and help out with their parents, especially that many are losing jobs and that the economy is going down. With this situation, we are finding ways to help our students with food assistance, and even student allowance, as needed.
In addition, one of our students, Alex, wished to have a Bible, so we gave her one. She said that reading the Bible is her best encouragement during these hard times. With all her struggles, she gets her joy as she reads the Word of God, and experiences His strength and comfort!
Thank you for your support and partnership that make it possible for our students to continue their studies!
Project: Out-of-School Youth Education, Spark of Hope, Covid-19 Food Aid

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