A “Spark of Hope” Project

A “Spark of Hope” Project for 0-20 Years Old During the Covid-19

As of now, even if the lock-down is easing up in Philippines, children from ages 0-20 are still not allowed to go out. This is a way to protect them from the virus, yet if this situation continues for a longer period, it may cause problems if the children, especially in urban poor communities will have difficulties accessing education, when the government will implement online learning. In addition, we would like to think about the well-being of the children; their health including their physical and mental development.

Small Steps for Change is launching a “Spark of Hope” Project to bring a smile to every child in our community and nearby areas, and a hope that things would be better in the near future!

We will be giving gifts and activity packs to the children. Gifts that would encourage the children and the youth, saying that we care for them. We would like for them to feel safe and to enjoy their childhood!

We would be giving them learning and activity materials, integrated with Bible story lessons that would help them continually grow in their relationship with Christ. These materials would help them continually enhance and explore their talents!

Would you like to be a partner?
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