Congratulations to our Students who Completed Junior High School!

We have two students who completed Junior High School last year 2021! We congratulate them and their parents for their accomplishments! They are part of our first batch of students from our out-of-school youth education program in partnership with the Department of Education – Alternative Learning System, and they are our first two graduates! We are thankful for our teachers and tutors who assisted them and guided them with their studies, personal and spiritual growth! Thank you for all your support and partnership to make the dreams of our students a reality!

They are planning to continue with Senior High School next year, and we are planning to continually give them support or any assistance that they need to continue their education. It had not been easy with all the uncertainties and delays that they had experienced due to the pandemic and lockdowns, but now they can look back and see that all their efforts and hard work had been worth it!

We still have other students from our first batch who are still completing their studies, so let us continue to pray for them. We will also give you updates with regards to our second batch of students who will be part of our out-of-school youth education program.

During our moving up program last December, we also had a simple worship service, and Christmas program. We distributed Christmas packages to families consisting of spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce, fruit cocktail, and all-purpose cream. They were so thankful for the packages that they can share to their families during these hard times, and had brought them joy and hope!

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